Geneva Where the Streets Are Paved With Crushed Dreams

You’re in Geneva, a swiss city filled with people so rich that they just must be doing something wrong. You’re not here for shady briefcase hand offs or blackmarket art dealing though. Not this time anyway. This time you’re looking to get in some quality rest and relaxation with a beautiful European model, while taking in the best that Geneva has to offer.

The first place the two of you will go in your quest to just get away from it all in Geneva is the Trilby restaurant. This wonderful dining establishment is located on a slightly elevated mezzanine, attached to the Royal Hotel. The menu at the Trilby is one for those of you with carnivorous appetites, and is based upon supreme cuts of beef. The Simental Black Angus and Wagyu, as well as the Kobe beef style steaks are sure to impress.

The Royal Hotel is also a great option for any of you who aren’t sure where you and your lovely travel companion would like to stay while visiting Geneva. The luxurious hotel provides Junior Suites, specialty suites, and even fully serviced apartments. The majority of these accommodations have a fully furnished terrace and kitchen, a WiFi connection, a state of the art interactive television, a Hi Fi stereo sound system, and also a Nespresso coffee machine.

The nightlife scene will be pleasing to anyone, and it is recommended that you enjoy the nice variety that Geneva has to offer.

Velvet is a popular cabaret style bar which would be seen as way too risqué to ever be a mainstream way to spend your evening in other parts of the world. Near midnight, this hot spot goes topless, and the crowd is always a surprisingly good mix of entertained, and thrill seeking males and females. Organized activity such as a parade of topless beauties, strutting together in unison, are led by an MC each night. This is the sort of place that favors the bold, so soak up a little liquid courage if you’re shy, to insure you have the best night possible.

Le Dancing de la Coupole is an unexpected good time and popular nightlife destination in Geneva. La Coupole is actually a quaint, and charming brasserie, which has Le Dancing de la Coupole is added on as a discotheque. The tunes you’ll hear blaring over the speakers will be pure, retro, 60’s disco music, and the crowd is said to be friendly, and lacking in pretension, all just looking to enjoy themselves.
Club 58 is a bit formal, and all male guests are required to wear a jacket. This club is a private dance club, and lives up to the element of exclusivity and privilege that surrounds it. There is a restaurant located inside of the club, and locals as well as tourist often come here looking to dance the night away. The lively ambiance is a welcome surprise after all of the effort required to get in, and the disco music as well as the occasional live DJ acts are outstanding.
Griffin’s Club is a chic, and private dining club in Geneva. Officially, members and men in jackets who are guests of members are the only people allowed inside of Griffin’s Club club, but if you are well dressed between Monday and Thursday, you stand a much better chance of being granted entry. A devastatingly beautiful European model on your arm probably won’t hurt your chances either. A visually striking red and black colour scheme, lush vegetation, and noteworthy paintings on the wall all add to the festive atmosphere.
L’interdit is a trendy, Geneva dance club with a massive and elaborate dancefloor. The clientele is hip, and non too mellow, and natives come here in hoards to enjoy the restaurant menu which serves Italian, French, and Portuguese cuisine, as well as to dance and have a nice drink. This is a prime destination for kicking back after a long, busy day.
Le Francis Bar is the place to go to experience a bit of classical luxury. The sound of piano music fills your ears, and a diverse crowd is drawn into this swanky lounge each night. The ambiance is fashionable, you’ll want to dress to impress, and get here a little after 10pm to enjoy the live music.
Lastly is Mr. Pickwick Pub. This is a prime destination for homesick Brits, and the United Nations crowd. Guinness on draft, rugby on the tellie, and satisfying English meals await you at this pub, which offers British culinary staples like fish and chips, and is a completely friendly environment for anyone who may happen to waltz on in.
The Mövenpick hotel and casino is a great bonus destination while in Geneva. This luxury hotel is so committed to offering the best that it even features cruise packages down the Nile river. The people in the business of luxury entertainment in Geneva mean just that, business.

Europe Behind the Scenes: First Class Travel in Europe Part III


You’ve read about the best London escorts ( are available and what kind of experience has to offer  when traveling by land and sea. Now it’s time to look up, and get in on the best of European travel by air. Three airlines have been selected, as well as the perks which make them the best. Take your time to read this and I can assure you that you and the beautiful European model companion at your side will fly in such gratuitous style and luxury that it’ll feel too good to be true.


We begin with Air France, which offers the ultra luxe La Première suite. The space is an actual suite not just a first or business class seat, which means when you buy space in these unique cabins, you buy privacy for you and your travel escort, and freedom to move around as you like while taking advantage of the many services and amenities afforded to you. No more will you have to worry about jamming your carry on luggage into a tiny overhead compartment, only to have a flight attendant come and take it away to be checked. We all hate that, but it’s not as inevitable as it seems, especially if you have the means to book travel in a suite where it simply can not be an issue. The suite consists of personal coat service, numerous personal storage areas, and a bedside reading lamp. The suite also includes a spacious ottoman for company, and space to set up a large table for meals.


The wide seat converts into a comfortable bed, with a futon mattress, plush pillow, and comfortable duvet with a cover. Once you’ve taken in all of the elegance and grace of the Air France aesthetic and decor, entertain yourself with a selection of on demand films, documentaries, television series, and games, selected on an intuitive touch screen, or twelve language remote control.


Virgin Atlantic has comparable seats to those on Air France flights, a unique entertainment system called JAM, where you can plug in most of your devices and choose to watch or listen to your own personal content. The start of your Virgin flight will be the highly futuristic in flight bar. It’s separate from the cabin and an amazing and innovative space to sit and chat with your fellow travelers, and companion.


As a Gold Member of British Airways Executive Club, you’re in for a treat. Gold members and their guest are welcome to enjoy First lounges, the perfect place to unwind or get some work done in a quiet environment before your flight. You are also granted access to the Arrivals lounge at London Heathrow Terminal 5 when travelling on longhaul flights.   For extended flights into or out of London Heathrow or New York City JFK, Elemis Travel Spas are available. They are a top name in skin care, and the elite model escort in your company will thank you and of course so will her agency









Europe Behind the Scenes: First Class Travel in Europe Part II


So you’re looking to make memories in Europe with a luxury travel escort, and you’d like to travel by water. You’re in luck, as this list is here to provide you with information on the ports you want to sail into, cruise lines you may take, and the excursions that you and your elegant and adventurous companion will remember as a sweet slice of whimsical nostalgia. Grab your passport, book your escort, and be prepared to break in your sea legs. It’s time to explore a couple of the best sea trips Europe has to offer, as you explore each other as well. Disclaimer (Sponsored Source


The first port we pull into will be Civitavecchia. The port is serviced by luxury cruise liners such as Oceania, Princess Cruises, Windstar as well as others. The excursion you’ll take after arriving at this particular port? The city that was famously not built in a day…Rome! While exploring Rome you’ll want to see the Forum, and take the short walk over to the Colosseum, which tourist can now walk inside of, a huge change from a mere four years ago. These sites are highly crowded, but not necessarily tourist traps. Still, it is understandable that you may want to feel as though the time you’re spending with your travel escort is a bit more intimate, and so a great alternative that allows you to see these historical sites without having to go to them is the nearby Palatine Hill. The hill is a lot less visited, but the views are no less grand.


Have lunch at Taverna Romana and order what a lot of locals will tell you is the best cacio e pepe in Rome. Cacio e pepe is a dish consisting of pasta with olive oil, pecorino cheese, and black pepper. Piazza del Popolo is the place to be for Renaissance and Baroque era art immersion, and several museums such as Richard Meier’s Ara Pacis Museum are located near by. We all know the obvious names in Italian luxury brands, so take a diversion from the beaten path and visit boutiques off the Via Condotti like Massimo Degli Effetti, which sells edgy high fashion apparel in a fifteenth century building that has undergone a drastic modernist makeover by architect Massimiliano Fuksas. The Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, and many other sites are in close proximity. You may know the Trevi Fountain as a destination wishing well, but maybe you’ll be inclined to simply take in the beauty of the structure. After all, you’ve sailed into Italia with a beautiful European model, what could you have to wish for?


Port Monaco, which you’ll arrive to through Crystal Cruises, Holland America, Royal Caribbean, and other select luxury cruise lines is your destination for an excursion through the incomparable Nice. La Colombe d’Or, where you’ll want to make a reservation in advance, offers viewings of paintings which were gifted to the owner by artists who were inspired by the Mediterranean. These artist include legendary painters such as Picasso, Matisse, and Braque. Walk off lunch on the cobblestone streets where you can pop into multiple galleries. Not very far off is the Chapelle du Rosaire, which was created by Matisse for the Dominican nuns of Venice in the early 50’s. Before leaving, be sure to stroll through the Old Town of Monte Carlo before returning to your ship, as well as the nearby Oceanographic Museum, and the Casino de Monte-Carlo.







Europe Behind the Scenes: First Class Travel in Europe Part I



We all get so hung up on flights. Our thoughts about travel seem to center around and become synonymous with flying and airports, booking luxury airline tickets, and being wealthy you avoid being almost molested by airport security. It is rare that we stop and think about the fact that it doesn’t have to be like that. Of course you probably won’t be able to avoid flights all together, and there are luxury options that make it not so bad but, If you’re in Europe, and you plan to travel with VIP escorts from London to Paris, why not take advantage of all of the fabulous ways to travel by land. There are certain things that you miss out on when you’re thousands of miles up in the air, and the fact of the matter is, you simply don’t always have to.


The first suggestion for first class travel through Europe by land is a walking tour. You may not feel that walking tours and luxury really can go hand in hand, but that is not necessarily true. Backroads European walking tours is a fabulous company to contact about going on one of these luxurious walking tours. The company provides you with options for accommodations at their Premiere Inns, which partner with many of the best luxury hotels of the world. The company has gained recognition from Hideaway Report, Condé Nast Traveler and Travel+Leisure. I personally recommend the walking tour through the Sorrentine Peninsula to the Isle of Capri, as this is truly some of the best landscape that Italy has to offer and a true escape.


Another great method of luxury, land travel through Europe is to take the train, specifically Virgin’s first class train travel. On the weekdays, table service is provided, and you can indulge in tasty treats from the First Class menu. Several choices are available for breakfast including the Great British breakfast, vegetarian breakfast, and smoked salmon with scrambled eggs. Evening dining options are seasonal but come in sort of packaged deals, so you can choose between the Pendolino, or The Voyager. Exactly where you are en route also has an affect on what you will be able to choose. That said, either option is a lot more than you get on most flights these days. The drink selection is incredible and the offerings include ethically sourced tea and coffee, chilled soft drinks and juice, and alcohol for customers over 18 except at breakfast. Two hours before your outward journey and an hour after your you’ve reached your destination, you’re free to relax in one of the lounges and enjoy complimentary hot and non-alcoholic cold drinks, snacks, and weekday newspapers, Lavazza and barista style coffee, free Wi-Fi, a dedicated corporate area with fixed desks for laptops, television screens showing BBC News, and electronic departure information.


Auto Europe’s Prestige Service Luxury car rental is the definite way to go if zooming down the road in a sports car strikes your fancy. Drive through the streets of Milan, Monte Carlo, or Paris in a Porsche, Ferrari, Maserati, or Audi. You can choose to take the scenic route through the European city of your dreams, in the luxury vehicle of your dreams, with a beautiful European model in the passenger seat. What can beat that? )